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How to Pick for Your Event Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville

How to Pick for Your Event Photo Booth

Lots of digital photo booth rental services are now rapidly getting into the market and it has now become a necessity to obtain one as part of your events and party requirement! And even photographers, DJs and event organizers are taking a look at incorporating this awesome service to their repertoire.

Along with a wide variety of styles of photo booths and so many contesting photo booth companies in the market, this can be very difficult for prospects to pick the best and suitable photo booth for their special celebration.

In this article, our team have collected a number of useful suggestions in choosing the ‘PERFECT’ and special photo booth company that will help you spice up your party and celebration needs.

Let’s start!

Photo Booth Company History

Check out if these individuals are really dependable or reputable. Are they experienced photo booth experts? Are their prices sensible?

In the world of events and occasion planning, as soon as you’ve chosen your photo booth you cannot easily deal with a blunder on the same time of your event. Therefore, carrying out thorough homework well before picking out the photo booth company to manage the fun on your day of celebration should be taken very seriously.

Any company reviews online?

A great approach in order to find out exactly how good a photo booth company is, is to check out a number of customer reviews. Customer reviews on their website is a good source however in order to get objective viewpoints give a try to searching them on websites just where the business could not manipulate the review and rating, such as Google reviews, Facebook reviews and reviews on Better Business Bureau.

What are they using for photo booths

One crucial concern which you really should ask by yourself is if these companies could produce professional quality pictures. Precisely what camera do they use? Do they use a digital SLR camera or is it a web cam? The kind of camera will have an effect on the quality of the picture and also having the capacity to increase the size of a photo.

Does the photo booth come with a touch screen or is the operator taking the shots? This changes your guests experience.

Just how does the photo booth look like? It’s usually wonderful to have a photo booth that fits the theme of the event.

What is included with the package offer?

At first look, many photo booth companies can look like they are offering the similar rates. But, in closer evaluation as soon as you include all of the extras you might be spending even more for a few than others. For instance, are props included and exactly what variety of props do they have and condition, is there an album and if so what is the quality of the album?

Is the price justifiable?

Cheap is certainly not for everyone. The cheaper the price be careful just what you are booking. Price can also predetermine quality, we’re not really saying that you have to invest top dollar but just like the above aspects mention check reviews and what’s added in the package too.

How long is their rental period for? Is there a delivery charge to your event and are they limited by time with your event to set up. If you are having your event in the same space as the wedding reception is the photo booth company flexible with setup or would they be setting up even though your ceremony is on-going?

Some photo booth companies will likely explain that they will match their competition’s fee, however, could they go with quality of service too?

Always bear in mind, that tapping the services of a photo booth is an experience which will be recalled by you and your guests for years to come. Let’s feel confident that the memories of their photo booth experience are great and memorable.

Measuring ROI on Experiential Marketing-Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville

Measuring ROI on Experiential Marketing

One of the leading downfalls of experiential marketing campaigns is the difficulty of measuring its general success. Just because you encounter a terrific turn out and engagement at your activation does not suggest that it achieved anything for your product. All too often, anyone who try to go into experiential marketing presume there’s basically no easy solution to monitor the effects, so they decide not to stress over it. This typically results in a good deal of wasted time, energy and resources. In the absence of quantifying the ROI of a campaign, how could you improve your initiatives in time? The following is a few ideas in order to get back on course with tracking the ROI of your experiential marketing event:

Establishing Your Goal

You may not track the success of just about anything without describing precisely what success signifies. Therefore, the very first step of any sort of experiential marketing boost is to clearly define at the very least one goal. Ask yourself what the ultimate objective and core values of your campaign or event are aiming to accomplish. Do you want to increase conversions? Are you aiming to raise awareness about an all new product or service? Are you attempting to branch off toward various markets or attract a variety of group? By setting up transparent objectives, you are setting up the cornerstones for an efficient campaign.

Understand Your Campaign Metrics

Establishing how your KPI’s are identified and monitor is a critical subsequent action in knowing your event’s ROI. As an example, in the case that you want to increase conversions, the optimal result will be an increase in sales. If your main interest is establishing brand awareness, you’ll be looking for a spike in online mentions of your brand. After defining your objectives, relate the correct KPIs that align along with your general idea.

Quality Over Quantity

As stated in the opening part, even if a throng of consumers appears at an event doesn’t mean it’s thought of successful. Once again, don’t forget to always remember your objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). The honest truth is the fact that it’s significantly preferable to have real connections with smaller sized groups of consumers rather than it is to have shallow conversations with much larger sized groups. For one thing, when someone genuinely engages with a brand and is emotionally hooked up by its story, they are very likely to get the word out to other people. Without doubt, positive word of mouth is a KPI that’s extensive among all experiential marketing campaigns.

What Would You Expect in the Future of Experiential Marketing

Not surprisingly, a lot more solutions to correlate and monitor ROI of experiential marketing campaigns are on the horizon. One example is facial recognition and tracking program, which can be used at live functions to assess faces in the audience for things such as age, gender or even for how long these individuals hang out at a certain place. Such software programs may even keep track of how many people are looking happy or otherwise showing contentment, which in turn is a valuable statistic in its own right. This software as well as some other new technologies aren’t so wide-spread right now, but you can expect to encounter them come into their own over the next couple of years.

Brand Awareness

If your budget allows it, accomplishing brand awareness analysis before, during and after an experiential marketing event is an excellent way to evaluate its success. This approach is best taken advantage of when boosting brand awareness for a new service or product. Surveys are a fantastic resource to leverage this. By evaluating your target group before, during and after an event, you can evaluate the way their perception potentially improved according to their experiences. Ideally, you will definitely would like to find out an attendee who has minimal awareness about your brand end up being more informed, engaged and excited about your offerings.


Why Groupon and Photo Booth Don’t Play Nice-Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville

Why Groupon and Photo Booth Don’t Play Nice

Certainly, there are a whole lot of photo booth businesses available that are without a doubt getting on the Groupon as well as on Living Social. We do get telephone calls asking in the case that we are running any type of Groupon offers or if we will are able to match a Groupon offer being supplied. To the dismay of the customer we constantly explain to them that we are not match the photo booth deal which we do not and also never ever will certainly take part in any kind of Groupon kind of bargains.

With the inquiries that we get, we observe that some people shop by cost only. This is a big blunder in our viewpoint. Exactly what the consumer does not know is that the majority of photo booth companies price way below “typical cost” are normally start up companies, which could have one photo booth which has been badly created in their shed the previous weekend break. Their listed below market rates is actually a reflection of their hopeless need to have a sale, any kind of sale.

Exactly what most individuals don’t recognize is that these remarkable fifty percent off offers actually cost the company offering the Groupon not 50% of their revenue but 75% or even more! So if the initial rate for the Groupon is $20 and it’s discounted to $10, Groupon will certainly keep for themselves a minimum of $5 leaving the vendor with $5 or less, depending on just what the supplier and Groupon agreed upon.


Sometimes these bargains include black out days, only enabling you to access this deal if your occasion is on a certain day– normally mid-week. If you do get lucky enough to locate a deal that will certainly help the day of your occasion, there’s no warranty that they will even appear. Sometimes Groupon vendors will back out on your event at the last moment or just not show up at all due to the fact that “they forgot.” Regrettably, we have actually seen this way too many times at celebrations or from clients informing us about their previous experiences. In addition to this comes awful client service. Your photo booth will certainly either be self-service (and also you are stuck dealing with any type of technical issues on your very own), or it will have a photo booth assistant that has little to nothing about consumer service. Expect a minimum-wage-paid teen that will likely be disengaged with guests and/or on their phone.

Not Too Concerned

The majority of photo booth companies using Groupon bargains are also just plain lazy. Running any kind of tiny company is effort. Marketing, advertising, and operating a strategic business plan takes work. Groupon is the easy path for many photo booth companies with little payback. It is evident that the company running the Groupon deal had actually not even assumed the implications of the Groupon deal they ran till they load their entire schedule with events that pay little or absolutely nothing and quickly they go under or pull no shows, maybe even at your event.

Certainly Getting What You Spend For

Of course, you will receive just what you spend for with Groupon suppliers. Using photo booths as the general example: if you spend for a cheap photo booth, you’re getting a cheap photo booth. The pictures will certainly oftentimes be rough and also out of focus, resembling they were taken with a disposable cam. Also, the set up will most likely be the equivalent of a McDonald’s Big Mac. It looks good on the ad, yet becomes rubbish in reality, leaving you naturally dissatisfied.

A Winning Strategy for Your Brand Social Media and Experiential Marketing-Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville

A Winning Strategy for Your Brand: Social Media and Experiential Marketing

The growth of experiential marketing has proven that the days when companies are solely relying on product quality and positive brand image to reach the hearts and minds of their target audience is now over. Any company is able to offer great features and benefits but it is the overall sensory experience that it can provide is the element that integrates a brand into the daily lives of consumers. We are in an era of fast changes and dynamic multimedia communication that has overrun the traditional approaches of marketing. Learn how to stay ahead a have a winning strategy for your brand.

Connect your online and offline marketing campaigns

Creating a one-of-a-kind experiential marketing campaign that inspires people’s emotions and allows them to share their experience in real time by engaging their own personal networks through social media, is a powerful method for furthering the reach of your brand into the everyday lives of your target audience. By spreading the word about your company and your event in real time through social media can instantly put you in front of thousand of prospective customers.

Leaving a lasting impression with an event photo and videos

Once that you have everybody’s attention, the best way to sustain it is with photos and imagery. Social media has elevated photos and videos to a whole new level of popularity. Photos and images do connect with people on a more personal level that words simply cannot. Also, photos and images easily convey information to which customers can relate to. Adding event photography as a part of your experiential marketing brand experience is a great tool that will boost your impact both online and offline, even after your event is over.

Boosting engagement and conversions with live events

Almost nine out of ten consumers become regular customers after attending a live event. Here are other facts:

  1. 88 percent of event guests who buy once said afterwards they become loyal brand customers.
  2. 54 percent said they purchased the product or service at a later date.
  3. 52 percent said that they bought the product or subscribed to a service promoted at a recent event they have attended.
  4. 95 percent of consumers reports that their participation in a recent event made them more inclined to purchase the products promoted.

Inspiring smiles and sharing with a photo booth

In order to maximize your marketing success, it is best to give your event guests a reason to smile and enjoy themselves while generating high-quality branded visual content that will interest their family and friend on social media. Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville will partner with you to created a unique, custom designed photo booth for your experiential marketing campaign that will make your event unforgettable.

How Your Organization Will Benefit with a Branded Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville

How Your Organization Will Benefit with a Branded Photo Booth

Photo booths are quickly turning as a popular form of entertainment at events at all kinds, especially corporate events. Today’s photo booths are packed with a host of marketing features that can be a great way in promoting your brand or even just reminding the guests how much fun they had during the event.

If you are holding an event to push for your brand’s awareness campaign, reach out to new customers and collect data, a photo booth rental is perfect to do all that is necessary. Read on how.

  1. Branding – we work with you to design the photo booth according to brand requirements and the brand image. Luckily for you, Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville have an in-house team of great designers that will work with you to create the perfect design for the photo booth. You will be engaged all throughout the entire design process to make sure that all requirements are in place before we brand the photo booth exclusively for you. We also suggest to use your messaging with the booth to create more of a promotional push.
  2. Getting Noticed – a photo booth is basically a big advertising real estate that is not maximized at events. Photo booths are sure to stand out and get noticed. In this effect, it is advertising your brand loud and clear and with greater impact. It will also help to attract interest wherever it is used. For example, in shopping malls and on the streets, our branded photo booths are utilized to great effect by incentivizing and diverting shoppers to shop in-store and increase store foot traffic.
  3. Increasing engagement – engagement with the prospect customers plays an in important role during the event and a photo booth provides the perfect platform for you to engage with clients. Not only does a photo booth act as an attraction and as a conversation starter with your customers, it also creates a buzz around your brand. Potential customers would feel that you brand is approachable and the light and easy feeling surrounding your booth will also help you collect data more pleasantly and easily from prospects for ongoing engagement and future interaction.
  4. Increase in ROI –  the goal for any business investing in a marketing tool is to increase ROI and photo booth rentals are the perfect way to do so in a corporate event. Depending on the event, the ROI can be huge and with the right marketing tools in mind, the effects can be seen a long way even after the event. Don’t get stuck using old marketing tools but instead, take the chance and rent a photo booth!
Spicing Up Corporate Events-Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville,Fl.jpg

Spicing up Corporate Events: Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville

Photo booths are pretty common sights at malls and arcades, they are also rented and included in events ranging from weddings, holiday weddings and corporate events. Corporate parties do sometimes have a bad reputation but do not let this happen to your next event. Whether you have already decided that photo booth rental is a party must have or you still need a little more persuasion, read on to know how we can make your party the talk of the town for the next few months.

1. A perfect gift for everyone – a photo booth printout may only be small in size but its impact, is huge in comparison. Surely people can take pictures of the event with their phones and cameras, but there is something with the immediacy of the photo booth. Having printed photos that everyone can take home with them will make them feel special. For you, this can also be an extra reward for being part of your successful event.

2. Conversation starter – it does not matter how well your guests know each other. Even the biggest and the hottest parties needs a little bit to get it warmed up. If you are looking for a fun and cool way to help guests break the ice, you will not do it better than a photo booth rental. A photo booth encourages people to interact because having a photo shot in the booth alone is not exactly a definition of fun. The lure of the photo booth is irresistible. Once guests try it out the first time, they will surely be coming back for seconds.

3. The party continues online – if you would want that your corporate party to be the talk of the town, rent a photo booth with social media integration. As long as the venue has its wi-fi enabled, the photo booth can be programmed to upload all the photos to a social media account of your choice. This way, guests can save share and enjoy everybody’s pictures, not just their own.

4. Props make your party even more fun – it is sometimes ironic how little things sometimes make the biggest impact. It does not matter if your event has a theme or not, but by adding props to your photo booth will encourage guests to join in the fun! It only takes a wig, silly glasses and some costumes in order for the guests to start with shenanigans.

There you have it, some good ideas why a photo booth spices up your corporate event. Get in touch with us and let us make it happen!

Inspiring More Donations at Your Charity Events

Inspiring More Donations at Your Charity Events

It is proven that events are a powerful method to grow your community, engage with sponsors or donors and give audiences and supporters of the cause a positive experience with your organization. Beyond ticket sales, events are the perfect venues to connect with sponsors or donors who are feeling inspired and want to make a difference.

It sounds pretty obvious but giving attendees the option to give more is often an overlooked idea during these types of events. Show your appreciation to those who had purchased the tickets and to those who had made the effort to attend the event but also, to the attendees who are willing and ready to do more. Here are some strategies to get more donations to your next event.

  1. Recurring donations and memberships – set up a “donation station” or membership station that will help the loyal supporters set up a recurring gift or become esteemed members of your organization. Be sure that a staff is always present to help the process personal, easy and fun.
  2. Auctions and raffles – games, auctions and raffles are a popular way to raise even more money at your proposed fundraising event. As a pro tip, the best raffles and auctions usually feature items or services that are associated to the cause or something that is unique to the interests of the community.
  3. Turning your guests or attendees into fundraisers – while all the guests or attendees are feeling great to your organization and are inspired to act, have them rally support from their own networks; online or offline with their own personal fundraising pages. This will help the extent of your reach beyond to what is listed as donors and this action also creates powerful fundraisers for your programs.
  4. Additional gifts – by making it easy for guests to not only purchase their tickets online but instead, offer them a chance to give an additional gift while you are at it. These event supporters are already excited about your event and will likely to be more than happy to donate.

Once that the event is over, you can continue the positive afterglow. Do this by tracking your event attendees’ contributions and history to properly show appreciation and retain them as loyal donors for the years to come.

wedding hashtag - photo booth rental jacksonville

How to Pick a Wedding Hashtag

Customs and traditions have always been a vital part of any wedding ceremony. Many of these have been passed down from generation to generation over time and are present both in traditional and non-traditional wedding ceremonies. As time pass by, we have added even more traditions and customs. Today, a fun and new practice has gained popularity with the mainstream culture is creating your wedding hashtag for social media posting.

For today’s wedding couples, deciding on which hashtag to use has become an integral part of wedding planning. As for the wedding planners, one question to ask when starting to plan a wedding is “Do have a hashtag?” Most of the guests will have smart phones and are likely to be taking selfies and photos during the festivities.

Your hashtag must be original, easy to remember, short and relevant. Also make sure that you do your preliminary research online to ensure that no one else has the same idea as yours.

Share your hashtag with everyone to encourage them to post their photos online instead of just keeping them on your phone.

As an idea, it is always fun to include your hashtag invitation to pre-wedding parties. By posting a cute sign at the home where the party is going to be is a good idea for guests to post and share the party photos.

We at Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville, would suggest for sharing at the wedding venue is to have a nice chalkboard with your hashtag. You can display this “hashtag board” on an easel or on a table top.

brand marketing - photo booth rental jacksonville

Photo Booth Rental in Galas: Effective Brand Marketing

Today’s increasing number of influential competitors in a fast-moving business environment, people are always in a search for the marketing strategy that will disrupt the current status quo in order to establish brand awareness and online dominance. Creating brand reputation and credibility is imperative especially if you would want your business to be viable with the target market and not easily overthrown by competition. This is where marketing strategies and advertising step in the equation.

There are different successful ways to market a brand to achieve prominence and recognition from the masses. Here are some tried and tested advertising techniques that have brought authority to brands of today.

Hosting Events

This is a good strategy if you would want to convey a straight message to all potential customers or clients. Brand owners can host local, regional, statewide and national events to launch and promote their products. By giving away freebies and conducting demos, it is sure to attract a numbers of people to attend the event. The more attendees that are joining, the more possibilities of leveraging brand awareness.

Digital Marketing

Although it is one of the most widely used marketing strategies, it has created an event in the marketing world in bringing overwhelming success to businesses and brands. Digital marketing involves a whole new approach in reaching a great number of people using the internet. There are multiple methods that are involved such as search marketing and optimization, social media, email marketing and a lot more. With these marketing tactics, reaching the target audience and engaging with them makes it a lot easier.

Press Releases

Writing a press release about new, remarkable and attention worthy is one of the most powerful ways to spread awareness to the target audience. Many people read about the latest on the internet. This is taken advantage of by marketers in highlighting the brand’s special or unusual features.

Television Ads

The goal for TV ads is to make it entertaining as well as engaging as possible. Air the TV ad in a time of day which the target audience is watching TV.

Radio Ads

Although it is viewed as a traditional type of advertising, people are still listening to radio. In today’s format, internet radio is what is in. Advertising in radio stations still generate a good number of potential clients or customers.

Print Ads

In places that does not have internet connection, it still needs a lot of work to reach people who are most likely to turn to newspapers and magazines for updated information. The best strategy here is to have a full page advertisement to create a great impact on the print medium’s subscribers.

team building - photo booth rental jacksonville

Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville: How Team Building Impacts Company Culture

Having a great culture is essential for the long term success and sustainability of any company. With most of the businesses today operating with numerous staff (from staff numbering below 10 to the thousands), how these staff fit and have successful working relationships within a larger team is essential in achieving a successful corporate culture.

The impact of team building cannot be underestimated on the culture of the organization. To maximize time and not on ineffective activities, the following will get the most out of the team building initiative.

Defining Your Goals – Products and services are not launched without planning and research. This also goes with planning team building activities. Try and evaluate what you would want to get out of the activity so you can appropriately plan and focus on your objectives of the activity. Having time away from work is often hard to manage, so it is wise to maximize the activity. What lessons would you want the team to learn? Team building is not just taking a break but instead, it is a way to accomplish a real business challenge.

Knowing Your Attendees – Pick activities that will include everyone and can participate into. Some individuals may enjoy athletic activity but it could potentially leave out the others who are not particular with sports or may have reservations in physical challenges. Team building activities should be challenging and will help do something out of the usual and should not be something that can potentially leave out others.

Following Up – Check in long after the activity has passed and find out if the lessons learned are positively affecting the overall business. Did the activity have a lasting effect several months later? Found out the most successful part of the experience so you would know what motivates your employees in the future.

Repeating Success – While a singe team building may bring positive results, it is best to consistently plan team building activities and integration with the culture of the organization to be able to maximize its effects. Positive efforts no matter the size is, can snowball into big changes in your organization.

Try adding an interactive component to the activity by adding a photo booth into the mix so you are able to capture the memories and keep the fun snaps on your office walls as a reminder of your company culture.