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How to Pick for Your Event Photo Booth

Lots of digital photo booth rental services are now rapidly getting into the market and it has now become a necessity to obtain one as part of your events and party requirement! And even photographers, DJs and event organizers are taking a look at incorporating this awesome service to their repertoire. Along with a wide […]


Measuring ROI on Experiential Marketing

One of the leading downfalls of experiential marketing campaigns is the difficulty of measuring its general success. Just because you encounter a terrific turn out and engagement at your activation does not suggest that it achieved anything for your product. All too often, anyone who try to go into experiential marketing presume there’s basically no […]


Inspiring More Donations at Your Charity Events

It is proven that events are a powerful method to grow your community, engage with sponsors or donors and give audiences and supporters of the cause a positive experience with your organization. Beyond ticket sales, events are the perfect venues to connect with sponsors or donors who are feeling inspired and want to make a […]


How to Pick a Wedding Hashtag

Customs and traditions have always been a vital part of any wedding ceremony. Many of these have been passed down from generation to generation over time and are present both in traditional and non-traditional wedding ceremonies. As time pass by, we have added even more traditions and customs. Today, a fun and new practice has […]


Photo Booth Rental in Galas: Effective Brand Marketing

Today’s increasing number of influential competitors in a fast-moving business environment, people are always in a search for the marketing strategy that will disrupt the current status quo in order to establish brand awareness and online dominance. Creating brand reputation and credibility is imperative especially if you would want your business to be viable with […]