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Choose an Open Air Photo Booth

It is a bit of a cliché when the images come to mind are big clunky booths found on shopping malls or train stations when the words “photo booths” are mentioned, heard or read. While many of us have memories using these classic photo booths, these are not the ideal ones to rent when thinking of renting a photo booth. We highly suggest renting for an open air photo booth instead and here are some reasons for you to consider:

  1. A sleek and modern design – with an open air photo booth, the equipment are housed on a clean tower. There is no need for a bulky booth that clashes with your theme or décor. Instead, the photo booth can also be styled according to your theme and it will become as a likely part of your event.
  2. Customizations Can Be Endless – If you have certain specifications to some elements of the event such as your backdrop, chances are, the open air photo booth is guaranteed to be able to accommodate such tweaks. Not to mention that you can use those silly props that you have always wanted to.
  3. The more, the better – for any event, big or small, it is indeed the more the merrier. With an open air photo booth, space is not limited. You can squeeze an entire squad into a single photo. As long as they can fit into the frame, all is good to go.
  4. Event the onlookers will be entertained – it is a 50-50 situation; it is not only the participants on the booth that are participating on the booth but even to those who are watching. Guests who are waiting in line and mingling at the party can see what is going on. Even the shy or reluctant guests will not be hesitant to join in with the shenanigan happening on the booth.

When planning your next event, rent a photo booth to make sure to capture all those silly and hilarious moments. Contact us now at (904) 549-6656 for more information!