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Christmas Party Team Building Activities

During this season, most of us are working the extended hours and unfortunately, we also have to work during the Christmas period. This would mean that we are more likely to spend a lot of Christmas time with our work mates and naturally, it would mean that we are to letting off steam together after the busy season and of course, have some fun. For the Christmas party, no matter the size, this event is an important one.

We at Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville would like to think that we can throw a great party and the following tips are sure to put you in a good position not only this year but also the years to come.

  1. Add a photo booth – When it comes to organizing team building, having a photo booth in the mix can be a great way for the teams involved to document the day’s happenings without the interference of a regular photographer who can make some people feel self-conscious. A photo booth can be either be there for the teams to use at their own volition or it can be built right in to the challenges.
  2. Winter treasure hunt – Nothing give it away like a treasure hunt. As one of the main goal of a Christmas party is to encourage employee bonding, what a great way to do so than by organizing an assignment where they are needed to work together. Start by thinking of challenges or by leaving clues in your office or in your community, and set your employees as working teams in order to solve them. Make the teams work out riddles to reach the treasure, much like Indiana Jones.
  3. Christmas games – Christmas games are not only for the kids but for adults as well. Take the classic game of Secret Santa. This is another great way for employees to bond and the anonymous present giving would ensure fun and a lot of guessing would follow.
  4. The Christmas Rockstar – why not try a little karaoke this Christmas? It may be a bit awkward at the beginning but after a few beers and glasses of wine, there is no stopping most and with so many Christmas and classic pop songs, you will be spoilt for choice.

There are so many possibilities for Christmas celebrations but keep in mind that Christmas parties are for recognizing all the hard work and for building a better bond with everybody.