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Easy Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas to Level Up Your Party

The photo booth. Don’t we just love them? In today’s parties, occasions and even top black tie events, photo booths have earned to become the event ‘must-have’. Guests would be enjoying the food, drinks and the company but what better way to remind of the event with a memento? This question can be answered by a photo booth and believe it or not, the photo booth backdrop greatly affects how we would like our party to be remembered. At Photo Booth Rental Jackson, we recognize how important backdrops are and here are some basic ideas to get help you get started:

  1. Reclaimed furniture – Did you know that old furniture makes a stunning background? Not to mention, arranging it can be fun. Get those aged doors or vintage styled chairs anywhere from thrift shops to your own family’s storage and pair it up with cool lighting. This will get you guests ready for an old-world photo shoot experience.
  2. The Polaroid Effect – The idea is simple: what if you can turn that cute wallet-sized Polaroid frame into a massive photo frame? Use white foam or a study, lightweight board to either hand from the ceiling or let your guests hold the frame and get them standing behind it. To make it more memorable, add the event details just like how you would write details to a Polaroid picture.
  3. Chalkboard – This is perfect for weddings that has the rustic feel. If a real chalkboard is not available, find a large canvas or a sturdy board and cover it with coats of chalkboard paint. Get someone that has good handwriting and write some words or design some patters that will generally look great to the photo print out.
  4. Balloons – They can add the feel of playfulness to the booth. Choose colors that match or enhance your theme. You can tie them on weighed objects, tacks on walls, posts or wherever you might want them and arrange them accordingly. Make sure to have some extras to replace popped ones.
  5. Lights – Sometimes, being straightforward does the trick. An idea for lights? Get some strings of Christmas lights and hang them on the ceiling. Cover the strands with thin white sheet or sheer curtains to have a dim light effect. The result would be a warm romantic atmosphere in a raw, industrial setting.

There you have it. For photo booth inquires please call (904) 549-6656 and a friendly staff is more than happy to help!