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Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville

How Photo Booths Work as Branding and Marketing Tools

Photo booths are now the fast becoming norm of entertainment at events nowadays. Whether for a private or corporate parties, music festivals and trade shows, modern photo booths are simply packed with features marketing can take advantage of in promoting businesses or simply in reminding guests about the fun they had at the event. Since everybody is aware with how the photo booth craze is going, here are some reasons why they would make amazing branding tools:

  1. Increase brand awareness with logos and messaging – starting with the print layouts as mobile advertising for your company. Come to think of it, all the photos will be displayed on desks and on refrigerator doors with daily multiple views, the photo prints are a perfect way in keeping the branding and messaging in view long after the event is over. Find the services that fits the event and brand, and at the same time remind customers or clients about your brand by choosing your design layout, backdrops and colors. Custom backdrops and sets also acts as prime ad spaces for sponsors or other stakeholders who you would think that would benefit from having their logos displayed at the event.
  2. Increasing guest involvement – when planning an event at a larger scale. All the details are meticulously planned out ahead of time but one major detail that is often left out is on the area of what do guest be doing? For example, trade show attendees wander for hours and banking on music is not going to keep them entertained the entire day. An open air photo booth not only attracts guests but also acts as the perfect conversation starter and in engaging with them. Also, photo booths are designed for large scale event marketing that supports lead generation by including the option to require guests to give their names, email addresses and other demographic information either before or after use.
  3. Increasing online presence – it is admitted that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools of today. Guests will get to enjoy posting their photos on their social media accounts. Not only will adding social media attention to your photo booth, it will also generate the buzz, giving data insights and event data capture for effective marketing campaigns. At the end of the day, your guests get to share their memories and act as brand ambassadors and in turn you as a marketer will get reliable and compliant guest data, making it a win-wins situation.