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photo booth jacksonville - marketing a fundraiser with a photo booth

How to Market Your Corporate or Fundraiser with a Photo Booth

An event, big or small, a photo booth is a sure fire way to capture moments –  from the humorless to comical.

Photo booths on corporate functions make it distinct from all others. Photos that are taken during the event shows to the world how active the business is and how successful the event was. A good advantage why having a photo booth in your event is that, photos can be shared almost in real-time over social media. Guests can upload it directly to their personal profiles, add hashtags and other event details. With today’s hyper competitive corporate environment, brand exposure is vital for any business’ success, and this is a new way to increase a company’s exposure through an almost instantaneous social media feed of your event.

Just like with corporate events, adding modern, open-air photo booths to the fundraising event will add more value to it. Guests can let their hair down and have some fun while them sharing their photos simultaneously on their social media accounts. Having pictures shared online increases awareness as well as foot traffic to the fundraiser.

From a fundraising point of view, you can add more to the cause by charging a nominal fee for each photo booth session.

Another way to increase awareness of the event is to customize the photo prints that will add company logos, company colors and any other written details such as taglines. We can certainly accommodate this request accordingly before the event. This is really one of the cost-effective forms of marketing today.

Our modern open-air photo booth is the most recommended photo booth for large types of events and our suggestion for fundraiser or corporate events. Using our photo booths would guarantee fun for the guests, eliminates the long lines and as an added value, keeps the marketing during the event and with your guests doing the extra mile for you.