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How to Pick a Wedding Hashtag

Customs and traditions have always been a vital part of any wedding ceremony. Many of these have been passed down from generation to generation over time and are present both in traditional and non-traditional wedding ceremonies. As time pass by, we have added even more traditions and customs. Today, a fun and new practice has gained popularity with the mainstream culture is creating your wedding hashtag for social media posting.

For today’s wedding couples, deciding on which hashtag to use has become an integral part of wedding planning. As for the wedding planners, one question to ask when starting to plan a wedding is “Do have a hashtag?” Most of the guests will have smart phones and are likely to be taking selfies and photos during the festivities.

Your hashtag must be original, easy to remember, short and relevant. Also make sure that you do your preliminary research online to ensure that no one else has the same idea as yours.

Share your hashtag with everyone to encourage them to post their photos online instead of just keeping them on your phone.

As an idea, it is always fun to include your hashtag invitation to pre-wedding parties. By posting a cute sign at the home where the party is going to be is a good idea for guests to post and share the party photos.

We at Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville, would suggest for sharing at the wedding venue is to have a nice chalkboard with your hashtag. You can display this “hashtag board” on an easel or on a table top.