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Insider Tips: Booking Your Wedding Photography Package

After all the research, you now found the photographer or company that fits your taste. With it, you will have to work with them in finding a package that will be a perfect match to all your needs. However, just before you would jump into the details of the day, you would need to have an organization of the event. By having a general timeline of your wedding day, you would be able to communicate what needs get done to everyone that plays a vital role and to make sure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

Timing before and after the ceremony

Major aspects of the timeline are travel time, location of the reception and the overall length of the ceremony. The different times of travel has a big impact on how many hours you would need to book the photography service. With this, continuous coverage is typical and so if you have an estimated 30-minute travel time to a location, this need to get to the coverage time even if the ravel is documented or not. Mind the length of the ceremony too. Take into account not only the duration of the ceremony but also add in how much time is needed for you to leave. Be sure to leave about half an hour to allow time for the formal shots following the ceremony.

Covering the reception

After the ceremony, guest would start arriving at the reception. Try to think on the items and activities that you would like to get documented. For example, the speeches, special dances, the bouquet and garter toss are some of the things and activities that are usually taken photos of. After getting an idea on how long the day might be, you can then start taking a look on the packages the photographer or the company offers. Also, make sure that you add in some buffer time to cover unexpected delays such as traffic, wardrobe malfunctions, jitters or anything potential that extends the length of the event.

Understanding some options

Today, many photographers provide a standard 8 hour packages and some also cater to small weddings that does not take much time. Also, some photographers bundle video and photo booth services with their photography packages. Should you be interested, try to find a photographer or company that offers all three. By making so, you not only save bucks on the side but also having an added convenience to talk to only one contact instead of three separate people for the same services offered.