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Inspiring More Donations at Your Charity Events

Inspiring More Donations at Your Charity Events

It is proven that events are a powerful method to grow your community, engage with sponsors or donors and give audiences and supporters of the cause a positive experience with your organization. Beyond ticket sales, events are the perfect venues to connect with sponsors or donors who are feeling inspired and want to make a difference.

It sounds pretty obvious but giving attendees the option to give more is often an overlooked idea during these types of events. Show your appreciation to those who had purchased the tickets and to those who had made the effort to attend the event but also, to the attendees who are willing and ready to do more. Here are some strategies to get more donations to your next event.

  1. Recurring donations and memberships – set up a “donation station” or membership station that will help the loyal supporters set up a recurring gift or become esteemed members of your organization. Be sure that a staff is always present to help the process personal, easy and fun.
  2. Auctions and raffles – games, auctions and raffles are a popular way to raise even more money at your proposed fundraising event. As a pro tip, the best raffles and auctions usually feature items or services that are associated to the cause or something that is unique to the interests of the community.
  3. Turning your guests or attendees into fundraisers – while all the guests or attendees are feeling great to your organization and are inspired to act, have them rally support from their own networks; online or offline with their own personal fundraising pages. This will help the extent of your reach beyond to what is listed as donors and this action also creates powerful fundraisers for your programs.
  4. Additional gifts – by making it easy for guests to not only purchase their tickets online but instead, offer them a chance to give an additional gift while you are at it. These event supporters are already excited about your event and will likely to be more than happy to donate.

Once that the event is over, you can continue the positive afterglow. Do this by tracking your event attendees’ contributions and history to properly show appreciation and retain them as loyal donors for the years to come.