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Photo Booth Rentals: Planning a Prom

Prom is one of the most unforgettable moments of high school and an event that is looked forward to and with excitement.  Planning a prom takes a lot of hard work, but it surely will be worth it to make the magical night happen. We at Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville have come up with a few tips to make the prom planning process as easy as possible.

Forming the Committee 

First, you have to put together a planning committee who are reliable, determined and optimistic about the upcoming event. You can appoint an organizer to direct the planning process and is able to delegate tasks to the reset of the team. By having to work this way, all the approved plans by the committee and the prom attendees will be put into place. If needed, you can get the class officers involved for better decision making and make it a point to get some faculty members in the decision making processes.

Have the appointed treasurer work with the team to make a budget for the school administration to look to and approve. Think even of the smallest details and leave some allowance for any unforeseen expenses that can pop out anytime.

Finalize the Date and Venue 

The date should be the first decision the committee should be able to make. Try to find a day that do not conflict with any other school events and will work with the majority of the prom attendees. Once the date is chosen, then it is time to look for a venue. Usually schools have the dance in their own gymnasium or auditorium, but if you are looking for a change in scenery from your school, start the search for the venue by first finding and selecting locations that is able to accommodate the size of the crowd of the guest list. Next step is to check and see which is within the price range and is able to be booked on the selected date of the prom.

Booking your Entertainment

Prom is all about dancing and it is advised to book a large amount of the budget to either booking a band or a DJ. Ask DJs for a client list and references and for bands, ask them what cover songs do they play and if possible to listen to demos to see if you would like their over all sound.

Another good and fun addition is to book a photo booth. Not only does it set the mood for fun, it is also a wonderful party favor as it gives the prom attendees a something to take home and remind them of the amazing event.