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Spicing up Corporate Events: Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville

Photo booths are pretty common sights at malls and arcades, they are also rented and included in events ranging from weddings, holiday weddings and corporate events. Corporate parties do sometimes have a bad reputation but do not let this happen to your next event. Whether you have already decided that photo booth rental is a party must have or you still need a little more persuasion, read on to know how we can make your party the talk of the town for the next few months.

1. A perfect gift for everyone – a photo booth printout may only be small in size but its impact, is huge in comparison. Surely people can take pictures of the event with their phones and cameras, but there is something with the immediacy of the photo booth. Having printed photos that everyone can take home with them will make them feel special. For you, this can also be an extra reward for being part of your successful event.

2. Conversation starter – it does not matter how well your guests know each other. Even the biggest and the hottest parties needs a little bit to get it warmed up. If you are looking for a fun and cool way to help guests break the ice, you will not do it better than a photo booth rental. A photo booth encourages people to interact because having a photo shot in the booth alone is not exactly a definition of fun. The lure of the photo booth is irresistible. Once guests try it out the first time, they will surely be coming back for seconds.

3. The party continues online – if you would want that your corporate party to be the talk of the town, rent a photo booth with social media integration. As long as the venue has its wi-fi enabled, the photo booth can be programmed to upload all the photos to a social media account of your choice. This way, guests can save share and enjoy everybody’s pictures, not just their own.

4. Props make your party even more fun – it is sometimes ironic how little things sometimes make the biggest impact. It does not matter if your event has a theme or not, but by adding props to your photo booth will encourage guests to join in the fun! It only takes a wig, silly glasses and some costumes in order for the guests to start with shenanigans.

There you have it, some good ideas why a photo booth spices up your corporate event. Get in touch with us and let us make it happen!