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The Extraordinary Photo Booth Experience - Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville

The Extraordinary Photo Booth Experience

When renting a photo booth, you would certainly have much options to choose from. Once you have made up the decision on the photo booth provider, you would want to focus on the little things that can turn an ordinary photo booth experience into an extraordinary one.

We at Photo Booth Rental Jacksonville, have put much time, experience and knowledge in designing the top three properties of an extraordinary photo booth experience; props, backdrops and the general look and feel of the booth – all of which is required to make your photos memorable, unique and extraordinary.

  1. Props that are unique – Props do make up as one of the biggest factor of the entire experience. Props do really bring out the personality of the guests as well as a great way to inspire unique and interesting shots. Our props are generally unique, hilarious, well thought and is accommodating to any event’s theme.  You can see how much props can add to the value of the event by checking our gallery of photos. Trust us, with the right prop on the photo booth, you can encourage the creativity for all photo booth participants.
  2. A minimalist presence – you certainly would not like the photo booth to become the center of attention on the event. The photo booth should be as natural, organic and integral part of the event and the overall experience that adds value rather than it becoming a distraction. The focus should be on the event; the bride and groom for weddings, the birthday celebrant and not on the closed box in the room.
  3. The secret is in the backdrop – Most venues have one or two walls that readily available to use as backdrop. Though good to use, it is not always the case that these backdrops can fit the theme of the event. For example, you would not want the bride, who is typically wearing a white dress be using a white colored backdrop? Taking into account photography 101, you would not want the subject of the photo be blending in the background.

Taking into account, we have a selection of modern, colorful, unique and of premium quality backdrops that you can choose from. Our backdrops also just do not come in a variety of colors but also comes in different patterns. You can ask our friendly staff if you would like to have your background be customized. Keep in mind, these backdrops help to enhance or change the look and feel of the event – a single backdrop change can make the feel of the event from ‘classy’ to ‘whimsical’

Our photo booth setup is the modern, open air format, minimal and integrates will to your event. People would feel comfortable about participating with the photo booth if it is a natural part of the event itself and not as something that feels awkward. This would mean that people are focused more to the celebrants – the real stars of the event.