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Wedding Photo Booth – Rent or DIY?

Photo booths is a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down and indeed, having a photo booth at the reception is a blast. Photo booths are a creative and fun way to get silly shots from your guests and while at it, your guests will be definitely having a great time. When deciding to have a photo booth at your wedding, you generally have two options; either to rent or have it DIY.

Photo booth rental – The standard photo booth rental usually comes with everything that you would need – props, lighting, costumes, an attendant and all the necessary equipment. When you rent a photo booth there would be no further work required and is generally easy to rent one. The photo booth staff or attendant is there to help you from setting up and breaking down as well as making sure that all goes well.

With photo booth rentals, it usually comes with the ability to print photos instantly and most rental companies give digital copies to the groom and the bride. The photos can be printed – with most can be printed multiple times – is a very good keepsake of the wedding.

Be careful though as everybody is doing it and if your wedding is full of original pieces, renting a photo booth that uses the same theme over and was seen on some weddings that you have been to has a diminishing effect.

DIY Photo booth – if you are opting to go the DIY way, then be prepared as there is much work ahead of you and the good thing is that it might be the result that you exactly want. From hanging drapes to original back drops, having a DIY puts you in control.

With a DIY photo booth, you can get your creative juices flowing. You would be spending time and effort and the result is sure to be a fun experience for your guests that will be perfectly match your wedding theme. You will get to pick the props and you would be able to customize it to your needs.

Some thoughts though on the DIY way, who would be manning the equipment, particularly the camera and you would need to factor the actual photos. Would set the camera on a tripod? Would you be considering to hire someone to take pictures? This is just some of the big details that you need to cover.

Whatever decision you would take, having a photo booth at your wedding is sure to bring the fun for you and your guests. A photo booth is sure to capture some of the amazing moments that your wedding photographer will not be able to cover.