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Why Get Married in Winter?

It can be quite a challenge to filter through all the winter wedding ideas that are out in the open. A big number of brides-to-be try to steer clear of the winter season for two main reasons; they are worried about the weather, or they do not want a clichéd winter wonderland.

Planning your wedding is a potentially difficult task, especially when finding for the perfect wedding venues. Even if you have found the location that you absolutely love, securing the date can be a difficult negotiation. But why not make the conditions more available and onto your own favor? By considering the lean season months of December through February, you then open up new variety of options.

Consider having your wedding during the winter months as there several benefits to it. You might never know as they might surprise you.

  1. Nothing goes much in between January and February. The holidays have ended, people just came back from their Christmas breaks and vacation and the new has just begun. There are not much activities between on the months of January and February and everyone goes back to their everyday lives for the winter. During this time, why not give your guests something to look forward to?
  2. Availability is almost certain during these “off-peak” period and can more likely to accommodate changes on plans on a short period. The assumption of having to plan a wedding would require a year to plan is mostly untrue. This is because couples would need to book a date at the venue that they have chosen and if you are not that flexible enough, like the wedding is to be on a Saturday, it can be difficult to find a great venue with availability less than 6 to 12 months out. By setting on a January of February date, it can be a great way to fix he situation, as those dates are more likely to be available that the traditionally “peak” dates.
  3. You are familiar with that gray sky that only happens during winter, just right before dusk, late in the afternoon. That specific condition only happens in December, January and February. This creates such perfect conditions for gorgeous wedding photos. Photos to last a lifetime.
  4. Winter weather is always unpredictable. Each wedding venue is different from each other so there is no point for paying premium price for it. Nevertheless, premium prices for venues may not be a good idea especially during the winter months.
  5. Who would want to get married at a time when guests would have 4 or more other wedding to go to? It is undeniable that everyone would love to be a May/June or a September/October wedding couple. It is without a doubt that the weather is more often than not reliable on these months as well as they are pleasant and calm times of the year. The problem in choosing these months to get married is that, everyone actually wants to get married by then. It is actually a good move in taking yourself out of the crowd and do something unique and unexpected. By having a winter wedding, you can be truly the center of attention.